Evil Death Machine

The indieslacker from hell

Evil Death Machine is the name of the soloproject by the Danish artist Hans Emil Hansen. Being a multi-intrumentalist, Hans Emil both sings, plays, composes and produces the music himself. Evil Death Machine explores the realm between electronica and acustic music, the obvious and the unpredictable, the good, the bad and the evil.

Intense and laid-back vocals, electronic beats, guitars, old keyboards and ambitious choir and string arrangements are the current main-constituents of Evil Death Machine. The astonishing compositions and simple poetic lyrics and catchy tunes are always in focus. References could be The Notwist, Syd Barrett, Blonde Redhead and Mew.

Hans Emil Hansen has for several years been a central figure on the Danish indie-scene and is highly recognised for his songwriting. He was the architect behind for the deeply respected and recommended noise-pop band Traening who split up in 2005 after two great releases. His sister, Marie Eline Hansen (Mit Nye Band and Bleeder Group), used to be the lead-singer in Traening and her vocal-voice is now a part of the musical expression of Evil Death Machine.

During the spring of 2007 Evil Death Machine was signed to PonyRec and released the beautiful 7"split ep with the Danish band Choir Of Young Believers in autunm 2007. Evil Death Machine is now working on the recording of the debut album with the working title "Dangerous" for planned release in 2008.

Live in concert Evil Death Machine is a "crying-on-the-dancefloor-experience" and so far he has performed both solo and with various talented musicians. The live set-up is constantly changing and you cannot expect to experience the same show twice.

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