About PonyRec

PonyRec is an independent label and was started in 2004 out by two friends (Kasper Find Rasmussen and Jesper Hedeager Madsen) shared love of music and desire to pave the way for talented, overlooked artists to reach a wider audience.

The labels philosophy and ambition is clear and uncompromising: PonyRec supports unique, edgy rock artists through the release of high quality albums recorded in an environment where artists are given free reins and creative control to experiment musically in their search for sublimity and perfection.

"It's hard not to be impressed when a labels cataloque is so diverse, yet so high quality" - It's A Trap

Any questions or comments, please mail us at


Demo's (and everything else) must be send to our office in Copenhagen

PonyRec - Copenhagen
Kasper Find Rasmussen
Syvens Alle 6,
DK-2300 København S

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    If you are interested in having a song by a PonyRec artist in your next project, then please contact us at

    - and we will get back to you asap

    Results so far

    Speaker Bite Me (Ditte & Louise - Movie)
    SVIN (Min mor er pink - Documentary)
    Evil Death Machine (Jugend ohne Gott - Movie)
    Alcoholic Faith Mission (Aliens - Documentary)
    Alcoholic Faith Mission (Valentine Road - Documentary)
    Green Pitch (Jane By Design - TV)
    Alcoholic Faith Mission (Suits - TV)
    Lily Electric (CSI - Tv)
    Alcoholic Faith Mission (Point Traverse - Movie)