Alcoholic Faith Mission Ask Me This

Releasedate February 24th 2012


  • Down From Here
  • Alaska
  • Into Pieces
  • Statement
  • I'm Not Evil
  • Running With Insanity
  • Ask Me This
  • Reconstruct My Love
  • We Need Fear
  • Throw Us To The Wolves


"Alaska". Directed by: Matthew Thompson. Produced by Guy Manly.

"Ask Me This". Directed by: Matthew Thompson & Oliver Hartman. Produced by GuyManly ( Cinematographer: Dan Kennedy. Starring: Sharry Underwood

"Running With Insanity". Directed by Kristian Foldager. Cinematographer Mathias DÝcker. Production team: Mikkel Skov Petersen, Magdi El-Thouky, Olivia Rus. Produced by SunScreen Production

"Into Pieces". Cast: Lars Kristian Madsen and Asta ōstergaard Thomsen. Camera: Michael Falgren and Carsten Villadsen. Editing: Sune Neye. Stage design, styling and makeup: Allan Bestle. Assistant: Baijie Curdt-Christiansen.

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